"Come Together", Western Project, Los Angeles, California
April 2009
"Rise", sixspace, Clver City, California
May 2006
"Wherever you go, There you are", Quixote Studios, Los Angeles, California
March 2005
CAA (Creative Artists Agency), Beverly Hills, California
August 2004
"Solo Exhibition", Opera, Stockholm, Sweden Hosted by 'WE'
December 2003
"In the Moment", sixspace
November 2003
"Recent Paintings", Niva Gallery, Los Angeles, California
February 2003
"Moments in Between Moments", BASE Gallery, San Francisco, California
September 2000
"Mute and Continue", CRUZ L.A. Gallery, Venice Beach, California
October 1999


"Draw The Line", Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Santa Monica, California
June 2009
"We are the superlative conspiracy", Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, California
March 2008
"Moonrakers", Contemporary perspectives on portraiture, OkOk Gallery, Seattle, Washington
August 2007
"Dear Mr. Saltz", Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles, California
June 2007
Pulse New York, New York, New York
February 2007
Aqua Art Miami, sixspace, Miami Beach, Florida
December 2006
Pulse New York, New York, New York
March 2006
Aqua Art Miami, sixspace, Miami Beach, Florida
December 2005
"Can't see the forest", sixspace, Los Angeles, California
January 2005
The Stray Art Show, Chicago, IL
May 2004
"Sent" Sponsored by Motorola, sixspace, Los Angeles, California
May 2004
"ModArt 2004", M04.M Gallery, Munich, Germany
February 2004
Cruel and Unusual: an exhibition to benefit the WM3, sixspace, Los Angeles, California
September 2003
Venice Art Walk,
May 2001
Venice Art Walk,
May 2000
Los Angeles Absolut Biannual, Barnsdall art center,Los Angeles
July 1999



B.F.A,, Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design
Los Angeles

In our world, on the surface, we go about our daily lives breathing, thinking, sleeping, constantly moving, body
mass fluctuating bigger, smaller, hair growing, eyes blinking. A never ending pattern of movement and growth.

Every action whether conscious or unconscious is dictated by an emotion or desire. So much of what we do is
hidden from the naked eye. When time is slowed down a different world and all of it's details emerges. A truer self,
intentions, motivations and desires becomes more apparent. Subtle nuances become main events. A casual glance or
aversion of one's eyes, for a fraction of a second, turns into a profound gesture suspended in time and brought forth
to the consciously aware world.

With my paintings I am attempting to show my subjects' inner intentions, emotions, and motivations. The paintings
have an emotional dialogue with the painted subject and viewer stripped of the conscious and unconscious facades.